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The Open Cities Tactical Guide is designed to help catalyse the use of open data to meaningfully address local issues and appropriately involve citizens in decision-making processes.
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The results of the research conducted within "Critink" on the attitude of journalists towards media literacy
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WITNESS is a human rights non-profit organisation based in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission is to partner with on-the-ground organisations to support the documentation of human rights violations and their consequences to further public engagement, policy change and justice.


UNDEF-funded project to strengthen media literacy and fact-checking skills

With support from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), Africa Check, the continent’s leading independent fact-checking organisation, will implement a four-year multi-pronged project to fight misinformation and strengthen democracy.

Duduzile | 2 min read | Dec 30, 2023

Fact diplomacy: Telling friends and family they’re wrong without ruining the party

As our experience in Kenya shows, Africa Check’s Fact Ambassador programme has boosted our multi-tentacular approach to fighting false information online and offline.

Duduzile | 4 min read | Dec 30, 2023

Running a compelling online campaign through digital storytelling

The internet has become a powerful tool for social advocacy. Campaigners are increasingly relying on Digital Storytelling (DST) to get their message across and garner support for their cause. The power shift from powerful institutions into the hands of grassroots communities has given activists a larger platform to organise engagements and build momentum for movements. However, it is important to note that online media consumers exist in the era of what has been duped by the attention economy and information overload. Your campaign runs the risk of getting lost in the plethora of available digital content, if you do not portray a compelling story.

Sibongile Ndlovu | 6 min read | Oct 31, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Positive Narratives to Inspire Change

In a world often saturated with negative news and stories, the power of positive narratives shines like a beacon of hope. Positive narratives are stories that uplift, inspire, and promote optimism, focusing on the triumph of the human spirit, acts of kindness, and the potential to incite positive change.

Eva | 7 min read | Sep 13, 2023

How to present the news to children without causing them harm? Good examples from Europe.

In the international media market, the children's news programme is a television format with a decades-long history in many countries. This is a complex, mindset-shaping programme aimed at 8-12 year olds. In Europe, the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) “Newsround” and the German Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) “Logo!” are the leading examples.

Mertek Media Monitor | 4 min read | Jun 1, 2022

What makes a powerful story?

An engaging storytelling ability is crucial to catch the attention of an ever-distracted audience. The best stories share the same essential elements, arranged in a specific order to gradually build tension, that makes us want to find out what happens next. Let’s learn together how to build a powerful story that our audience won't be able to keep their eyes off!

Hive Mind | 4 min read | Dec 12, 2021

4 strategies to counteract narratives you find malicious

Have you ever found yourself trying to shape your communication strategy when the cause you’re pleading is surrounded by strong narratives dominating the public sphere with stories full of disinformation, propaganda, or even hatred?

It’s like playing chess with a demanding opponent: you have to pick the right strategy in order to win.

Read on to find out which strategies prove the most effective...

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Dec 12, 2021