Online Campaigning | Part 1

Self-paced Course

What and why? New Power & Understanding the Challenge

Nowadays, we all have access to tools to communicate what we care about, organize people around an important goal, and raise money for our activities. So we no longer need to wait for institutions to initiate and drive change. This course will guide you, step by step, through the process of designing your own “People-Powered Campaign”: a tool for mobilizing mass audiences to support activists' causes. 
The course consists of 4 parts and a quiz, created by the renowned Greenpeace and MobLab Collective experts.

This introductory part of the course will broaden your understanding of the “New Power” and its impact on the possibility of positive change making. It will also give you the practical tools to deeply analyze the problem you’d like to solve, so you can be properly equipped to see the big picture and spot the best leverage point.

In Part 1, you will learn: 
  • How the power balance works,
  • What is the difference between old and new power,
  • Which tools can be useful to start a campaign, 
  • What a campaigner’s mindset is,
  • How to define and analyze the challenge by using tools, like: 
    • The “4Ws” technique
    • The problem tree
    • The iceberg analysis
    • The system analysis. 
Who is this course for? 
  • Activists who would like to enhance their digital impact and deepen supporters’ involvement
  • Comms people who want to update their knowledge and skills and harness the new power to improve their audience’s engagement and collaboration
  • Organizations aiming to rethink and redesign their campaigns in order to gain new supporters 
  • Everyone who is looking for more information on how to run their digital campaigns in a more participatory way 

Time Needed to Complete the Course:
It takes ca. 45-60 minutes to complete one part of the course and ca. 2-3 hours for voluntary individual assignments 

Check out also next parts of the course: 

Training led by MobLab Collective


MobLab Collective equips social change-makers, communities, and organisations with innovative, collaborative, and participatory approaches to drive systems transformation through people-centred and powered campaigns achieving a just, equitable and sustainable world.

Training led by Tracy Frauzel


Tracy has been leading and advising on people powered campaigns for more than a decade. She is a co-founder of the Mobilisation Lab and the Mizizi Project. Her focus is supporting social change organisations to achieve greater impact through the use of systems thinking and participatory campaign design and has worked with CSOs globally including Amnesty International, The Climate Coalition, Greenpeace, The Swedish Insitute, World Animal Protection and Unicef. Tracy led the development of MobLab’s Campaign Accelerator process that is being taught and used by organisations around the world. She is an experienced process and workshop designer and facilitator, having led workshops and trainings all over the world. She holds a masters degree in design thinking.

Training led by Amara Possian


Amara is a campaigner, educator, and facilitator with 10+ years of experience helping groups run winning campaigns and build thriving organisations. She has led some of Canada’s most impactful people-powered campaigns, using digital tools to engage and mobilise hundreds of thousands of people to win on issues and change governments. An experienced meeting designer and facilitator, Amara has trained and coached thousands of campaigners and activists around the world. She currently manages campaigns at and teaches Digital Campaigning at Seneca College in Toronto. She loves good stories and good food, especially when shared over a recipe from her Nana’s handwritten Armenian cookbook.

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