You are invited to the Countering Disinformation Masterclass webinar, on the 2 August to delve into the roots of disinformation, its impact on individuals and society, and effective strategies to combat and expose it. Attendees will gain insights and practical knowledge to become more discerning consumers of information.

The Countering Disinformation Masterclass webinar will have Professor Anton Harber, Robyn Porteous, Dominika Potkanska, and Chelsea Ndlovu. Our event will inform, and educate about countering disinformation, showcase local actions, and build cohesive and inclusive communities. By equipping participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and networks, this event serves as a catalyst for a more informed and resilient society.

Date: 2 August

Time: 10h00 - 11h30 (SAST)


Disinformation is the deliberate spread of false or misleading information and has far-reaching consequences for societies worldwide. It erodes trust in institutions, fuels social divisions, and compromises the very foundations of democracy. The impact of disinformation is particularly evident during public health crises, elections, and other critical events, where false information can lead to harmful decisions and widespread panic. Understanding the gravity of disinformation is the first step in combating its influence.

The fight against disinformation requires continuous learning, adaptability, and collective action. It is crucial for individuals from all walks of life to engage in countering disinformation efforts actively. By attending and participating in this webinar, individuals can contribute to building a healthier information ecosystem, one where truth prevails over falsehoods.

Remember, countering disinformation starts with you. Arm yourself with knowledge, question information, fact-check, and critically analyze the content you encounter. Together, we can create a world where accurate and reliable information shapes our understanding of the world and guides our decision-making processes.

Join us for an eye-opening session that will empower you to navigate the digital realm with confidence and accuracy. Please register HERE to secure your spot. RSVP today.